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KS Corner Testing Apparatus - Corner joints in hardness test

The test of the corner resistance from welded profiles is one of the few quality checks of a window and door manufacturer. With the corner testing apparatus KS EPM 2050 goes such a test quickly and in compliance with standards according DIN 16830-1, EN 514 and RAL-GZ 716/1. Welding errors are immediately detected and corrected before it results in complaints.

The KS Corner Testing Apparatus exist in two different constructions. In the first version the pressure are applied on the top corner. In version two on the inside of the brackets. Both test methods are standards and depends from the test method that is decribed in the norm. In France for example is used only the construction KS EPM 2050 SPA, while in Germany is still used mostly the KS EPM 2050.

The assembly of the window corner into the test device is thinkable easy. At the first construction the corner will be put on the tilting holding fixture, at the second version with clampings seized. By a big plate at the front side the test procedure is well visible.

Advantage KS Corner Test Rig

  • Easy mounting of the test elements (construction 1)

  • Fast use of the corner connection through clamping system (construction 2)

  • Save place

  • Pressure interface

  • EC-conform

  • Low maintenance

Technical data

  KS Corner Test Rig
Electrical connection 250 V, 50 Hz, 0,5 kW
Test block width  700 mm

Test block height

500 mm

Test block depth  200 mm

External measure width

850 mm

External measure height

 1.150 mm
External depth Weight  250 mm


150 kg


Fig. shows KS EPM 2050 Fig. shows KS EPM 2050 SPA Manometer shows the breaking point of the corner in kN



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