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KS Bending machine Premium makes the form of the profiles

Production of bending windows and doors with the KS bending machine

Even back in the days of Ancient Rome, round arches were very popular and they are still a formative stylistic device in the modern architecture. Circular buildings, bays or dome lights as well as rounded optical effects in the facade design set special effects on the building. Windows and doors with modern roundings play an important role.

The KS bending machine brings PVC-window profiles into the right form and manufactures them into roundings. What is special about this is our own developed and patented bending process. Only the arch area will be heated up in a hot water bath until the material is flexible enough to bend it. Especially for using round and basket arches such process is of great advantage: The vertical profile legs have room temperature and stay untreated in order to produce big window and door profiles in one piece. You will not need to weld the vertical profile legs that means less efforts during manufacturing.

A second advantage is the extensive heating of the bending area what means that the profile cross section can remain tailor made.

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