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  • Weit oben: der KS Robot 550 am Jade Weser Port in Wilhemshafen
  • KS Robot550 geht in die Luft
  • Aufnehmen der 400 kg schweren Scheibe direkt vom Glasbock
  • KS Robot400 Offroad bei der Schaufenstermontage
  • Exakt auf Maß montiert dank der hochwertigen Synchronsteuerung
  • Montieren leicht gemacht: KS Robot 400 Offroad
  • KS Robot lernt fliegen
  • Hebe-Schiebetür-Montage bei beengten Platzverhältnissen
  • Geländetauglich: der KS Robot 400 Offroad
  • Scheibentausch nach gescheitertem Einbruchversuch
  • Verladen und Transportieren leicht gemacht
  • Der kommt gut an: Auslieferung und Einweisung beim Kunden

KS Robots im Einsatz

KS Robots - Lifting and installation made easy

Glasses, windows, plates, stoneware lift up to 1,000 kg comfortably move safely and accurately fit to the KS lifting and mounting devices

Formative style elements of modern architecture are combinations of vertical rods and bolts for big glass surfaces, winter gardens and lifting-sliding doors for light-flooded interiors. In addition, there are also technical requirements such as a better heat insulation and a higher burglary protection. All these properties bring always bigger and heavier glass panes. Their installation can rarely be handled by manpower, not to mention the physical strain and the high expenditure of time. Likewise, it maybe comes into broken glass and thereby causes higher materials costs.

So the KS Robots are used to avoid all this. It lifts, moves and mounts secure, fast and without efforts very large and bulky glass panes. For each occasion and location our product range has a suitable KS Robot for you.

Please let us advise you. In our showroom in Emsbüren you have the opportunity to test the KS Robots live. We invite you cordially.


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