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The KS Robot 400 off road with all its strengths

  • Compact, masters impassable grounds

  • Construction with front wheel drive and special tires

  • Synchronous control provides a lifting at a constant angle of inclination

  • Intelligent drive for a soft start

  • 900 mm telescopie stroke

  • Special swinging system (optional): lift the glass panes from a pallet and swing it up to 90° overhead

  • Four suction plates for a secure handling with glass panes

  • Vacuum suction unit with two circuits and two separate pumps for a higher security during the installation, incl. vacuum control

  • Millimetre precise installation by sideward deviation

  • Wheel with nail protection

  • High-quality lifting cylinder with 10.000 N force per cylinder

  • High-performance battery

  • Gas pressure damper for high durability of servo-cylinder and compensate big impacts while driving on uneven ground

  • 24 volt socket on the gadget for charging of installation instruments


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