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  • Easy handling by sidewards positioning stops

  • Line laser and positioning stop for a quick installation of locking parts

  • Templates not necessary

  • Hugh-quality SPS touch control

  • Optional available with an automatic stop as well as a PC control

  • Turnout system for processing of five different screws

  • Modular construction of 1-3 screwing aggregates

  • Automatic screw feeding of up to 3 different types

  • Sidewards tilting stops for an easy positioning

  • Second screw for horizontally positioned profiles, PC control

  • Stabil and durable welded construction

  •  Process window materials made out of plastic, wood and aluminium and install fittings on windows

  • Possibility to screw in steel positioned in the frame

  • Extension for the mounting of fixing corners onto the sash mullion possible

  • Further expansion variations possible at any time if desired

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