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KS roller shutter test rig - Roller shutters in long-term tests

In order to classify roller shutters in its life classes, roller shutter producers buy a test rig by which they can test the long-term performance of their roller shutters. Over a period of many years, the KS roller shutter test rig for long-term performance tests has proved effective, by which it is possible to classify roller shutters in steps 1-3 according to EN 13659 paragraph 11.4.

Our test rig is made out of an aluminium frame, a motor, a control panel as well as a programmable software (optional) in order to enter your own wishes into the programme. Different options such as test cycles or duration of dwell will be entered into the system and can be selected by a touch display. Error messages can also be registered and documentated if requested.

The box can be installed very easy and without any problems. It will be fixed with mechanical clamps and the width can be adjusted very smoothly. The roller shutter guide rails will be put in laterally and will also be fixed with clamps.

The combination motor of the test rig is a good equipment for roller shutter producer. That means, both roller shutters which run with an electronic belt and those which run with a hand crank can be tested and classified.

The test rig can optional be equipped with a connection box for roller shutter motors. For safety reasons, the motor runs only if the top of the box is closed.

Your advantages

  • Durable, stable construction
  • Ergonomically constructed
  • Easy assembly of box
  • Low space requirement
  • Motor connection box (optional) to test roller shutter motors
  • Printer interface
  • CE-conform
  • Low maintenance

Technical data

Type KS RBP 3025
Electrical connection 400 V, 50 Hz, 1,5 kW
Width of testing element  3.000 mm

Testing height

2.500 mm

Testing depth  250 mm

External dimension width

4.000 mm

External dimension height

 3.000 mm
External dimension depth  1.500 mm








The KS Test Rig for windows, doors, gates, shutters and curtain walls

Air leakage measurements, water tightness tests and wind resistance tests according to european and international standards will be conducted with the KS Test Rig. It is characterized by a reliable continuous operation and provides accurate test readings about quality and function of the test elements.

Numerous materials, makes and sizes of windows can be tested on the equipment. It is available standard in three different formats of heights and widths,  as well as available in two construction dephts.

On request we will be pleased to fit the size to your requirements and available space at your site.

Advantages of the KS Test Rig Easy to handle

  • Durable, solid construction

  • Base plate of stainless steel

  • Stable clamping system

  • Force-fit assemblage proven by KS Clamping System

  • Operator near test block

  • Pneumatic quick release (optional)

  • Electronic deflection sensor (optional)

  • Special size realizable

  • Not necessary the mounting of the test block in the frame

  • Suitable for different materials and makes

  • Size of the elements flexible testable

  • Upper test chamber cover is electronically adjustable (optional)

  • Low maintenance

  • EC- conform

  • Size according to customer requirements to implement

Technical data

Test Rig KS 2223 KS 3025 KS 4040
Test block width  2.200 mm  3.000 mm 4.000 mm
Test block height  2.300 mm  2.500 mm 4.000 mm

Test room depth

450 mm
650 mm

450 mm
650 mm

450 mm
650 mm

External measures width  3.010 mm 3.710 mm  4.710 mm 
External measures height  3.100 mm 3.800 mm  4.800 mm 

External measure depth            

890 mm
1.090 mm
890 mm
1.090 mm
1.500 mm
1.700 mm
Other sizes without additional charge possible.      

KS Curtain wallling test rig - professional, comfortable, PC-controlled

A massive steel construction with even, few foints casing constitute the basic construction of the test assembling. The devision, for exapmle, two test rooms makes possible a flexible testing in related to the quantity and dimension of the curtain wall elements. The accession to the test rooms occur through a entrance door and a connecting door between both rooms. Through opening the connecting door occur a big testing room- depending on the requirements for the testing situation.

Freely movable bridges simulated in the test chamber floor. The height setting ocurrs standard all 100 mm. The grid dimension is individually adapted to customer request.

Despite the high weight the upper test area cover can be moved easily over an electric winch. The counter weights at the back side of the test wall absorb the high forces and replace the cover fluent in position. The test chamber is sealed off so quickly and free of leaks.

The construction is equipped with a complete grid spraying system, a high-performance blower, electronic deflection sensor* and a computer control. The corresponding software represents on easiest way, all assessments required by the standard.


Advantages KS Curtain Walling

  • Durable construction

  • Electronical deflection sensor for measuring of the bending

  • Perfectly sealed through especially developed sealed sytem

  • Small, medium and bigger test room depending on requirements

  • Water circulating system incl.drainage

  • Grid allowance for the curtain walls elements according customers desires

  • Precise measurements results

  • Low maintenance

  • EC-conform

  • PC-controlled, network connection

  • Size according to customer requirements to implement

Technical data

  KS Curtain Walling
Electrical connection 400 V, 50 Hz, 30 kW
Air connection  1/4", 6 bar
Water circulating system  5.000 m³
Test block width till 6.000 mm

Test block height

till 8.000 mm

Test room width

2.000, 4.000

oder 6.000 mm

External measure width

7.000 mm

External measure height

 9.000 mm
External measure depth  2.500 mm

Air volume flow at the test rig

5.000 Pa
Volume flow for the air leak  7.000 m³/h
Other sizes without additional charges possible



KS Burglary Test Rig approved standard reliability for windows and doors

The burglary rates have risen constant in the last years. Thereby the importance of mechanical burglary protection increase more and more. Some window manufacturers take advantage of market niche and specialize in the manufacture of burglar-proof windows and doors.

Especially in this challenging area, it is to convince them with good products and to offer a consistent product quality according to standard specifications. External tests are usually associated with great organizational efforts and high investments. Therefore, more and more manufacturers decides for tests in their own company.

With the KS burglary Test Rig you are well placed. It makes possible the test of resistance of the elements through static load according norm EN 1628:2011. Additionally we offer you the KS Pendulum Test Unit according EN 1629 for the burglary determination the resistance under dynamic load. This manual burglary test according EN 1630 can also be performed on the KS Burglary Test Rig. The appropriate normative tool sets, we are pleased to offer you.

Advantages KS Burglary Test Rig

  • Fast, easy mounting in steel beam

  • Test of two elements at  same time possible

  • Also for multi-leaf, right and left tattered elements

  • Stepless adjustment of test objects

  • Equipment with hydraulic drive or servo drive

  • Optional with PC-control and servo drive

  • Online remote maintenance and network connection

  • Combination of fitting test rig and burglary test rig in one construction possible

  • EC-conform

  • Size according to customer requirements to implement

Technical data

  KS EBP 6035
KS EBP 3025
Electrical connection 400 V, 50 Hz, 2 kW 400 V, 50 Hz, 2 kW
Test block width  6.000 mm  3.000 mm

Test block height

3.500 mm

 2.500 mm

Test block depth  220 mm  220 mm

External measure

9.200 mm

 4.200 mm

External measure

 4.400 mm  3.400 mm
External measure
 3.200 mm  3.200 mm

Other sizes without additional charges possible


KS Clamping Bridge Test Rig for windows and doors - professional, comfortable, PC-controlled

At our clamping bridge test rigs we put on a new, innovative structural form: A special clamping system that makes a very quick, safe and user- friendly mounting of test elements possible.

In addition, the clamping bridge test rig scores by the converting of very significant and long-lasting materials like high-quality steel and steel. The KS Test rig in the version clamping bridge offers you a lot advantages at the assembly of the test element. On the one hand is the assembly especially comfortable because the upper test chamber cover can be adjusted easily. It is equipped with pull straps, deflector rolls, counter weights and an electro motor and can be adjusted to the position easily with the cable remote control. The lateral test chamber cover will be put fixed manually and by means of quick clamps that are attached to a lateral movable clamping bridge.

Compared to the usual testing systems the test element doesn´t need to put in separately test frame. It is only necessary a vertical and a horizontal test chamber cover for creating a test room according to standard specifications. The quick clamps provide an optimal blinding of the rest room. It can very quickly seize with help of a screwdriver.

Advantages KS Clamping Bridge Test Rig

  • Easy to handle

  • Durable, solid construction

  • Flexible clamping size

  • Basic construction of massive stainless steel

  • Base plate of stainless steel

  • Solid clamping system

  • Special size realizable

  • Near of test block, none clamping bridge at operating side

  • Electronic deflection sensor*

  • Precise measurement results

  • Low maintenance

  • EC-conform

  • PC controlled

  • Online remote maintenance

  • Size according to customer requirements to implement

Technical Data

  KS 4028 650 PC
Test block width 4.000 mm
PrTest block height  2.800 mm

Test block depth

650 mm

External measure width 5.420 mm
External measure height  3.900 mm

External measure depth

1.620 mm
Other sizes without additional charges possible. 



KS Fitting Testing Device KS BPA Servo PC for windows and doors - Authentic, precise and norm conform

The Fitting Testing Device KS BPA Servo PC was constructed especially for durable function test of tilt and turn windows, tilt windows, glazed doors and doors as well as horizontally pivoted sash windows*. At this it will be tested the usability of the elements, the fittings and the handholds on functionality and durability under continuous stress. The complete computer-controlled construction fulfill the inspection specifications of the central norms EN 1191, EN 13126-8, EN 12046-1 and EN 12046-2, but also the european norms, for example EN 14608, EN 14609, EN 947, EN 948 and EN 1192.

Through the dichotomy of the construction are the dynamic and static tests parallel possible. For example it will be tested on the left side the durable function of the fittings and on the right side the distortion of elements. The modular assembly of the construction has the advantage that simplified versions and enhancements to customer requirements can be implemented quickly and without additional costs.

The assembly of the test elements requires little without big efforts easily by fixing the test block in a steel frame. The particularly high-quality equipment of the construction with linear axes and servo drives ensures standard norm courses of the opening speed as well as opening and closing movement of the test block.

Advantages KS Fitting Testing Device

  • Various test on one construction possible

  • Fast, easy assembly of the test elements

  • Also for multi-leaf, right and left tattered elements

  • Stepless adjustment of test objects size

  • Equipped with high-quality linear axis and servo drive

  • Free adjustment of test parameters

  • Visualization of all test sequences

  • Graphical demonstration of measurement results

  • Automatically classification

  • EC-conform

  • PC-controlled

  • Remote maintenance via internet

  • Network connection (optional)

  • Extension to other test standards (optional)

  • Size according to customer requirements to implement

Technical Data

  KS 4028 650 PC
Electrical connection 400 V, 50 Hz, 3,5 kW
Air connection optional  1/4", 6 bar
Test block width 1.000 - 2.800 mm
Test block height 1.000 - 2.500 mm

Test block depth

40 - 200 mm

External measure width 5.830 mm
External measure height  3.160 mm

External measure depth

2.000 mm

Reomte maintenance internet access

Other sizes without additional charges 



KS Corner Testing Apparatus - Corner joints in hardness test

The test of the corner resistance from welded profiles is one of the few quality checks of a window and door manufacturer. With the corner testing apparatus KS EPM 2050 goes such a test quickly and in compliance with standards according DIN 16830-1, EN 514 and RAL-GZ 716/1. Welding errors are immediately detected and corrected before it results in complaints.

The KS Corner Testing Apparatus exist in two different constructions. In the first version the pressure are applied on the top corner. In version two on the inside of the brackets. Both test methods are standards and depends from the test method that is decribed in the norm. In France for example is used only the construction KS EPM 2050 SPA, while in Germany is still used mostly the KS EPM 2050.

The assembly of the window corner into the test device is thinkable easy. At the first construction the corner will be put on the tilting holding fixture, at the second version with clampings seized. By a big plate at the front side the test procedure is well visible.

Advantage KS Corner Test Rig

  • Easy mounting of the test elements (construction 1)

  • Fast use of the corner connection through clamping system (construction 2)

  • Save place

  • Pressure interface

  • EC-conform

  • Low maintenance

Technical data

  KS Corner Test Rig
Electrical connection 250 V, 50 Hz, 0,5 kW
Test block width  700 mm

Test block height

500 mm

Test block depth  200 mm

External measure width

850 mm

External measure height

 1.150 mm
External depth Weight  250 mm


150 kg


Fig. shows KS EPM 2050 Fig. shows KS EPM 2050 SPA Manometer shows the breaking point of the corner in kN




Secure emergency exit - Tested with the KS Smoke Tightness Test Rig

The complete computer-controlled KS Smoke Tightness Test Rig was developed specifically for the tests of smoke protection closures according EN 1634-3 and DIN 18095-2.

The test procedure demonstrate on simplified way, how behaves a door during a fire. For that the air passage is measured from one side of the room to the other under influence of different pressures and temperatures. The test is operated with air pressure. A integrated fog machine (optional) clarify the leakage.

The KS Smoke Tightness Test Rig consists of a test room of stainless steel with open front side in that is mounted a test frame incl. test element. A pneumatic clamping system connect the frame with the test chamber very fast and without separate use of tool kits. A special sealing system at the front side of the test room brings an optimally sealed test chamber.

The test rig is equipped with a fully automated PC-control,a measuring system till 200 m²/h, a compressor till 250 Pa, a heating system and air circulation.


Advantages KS Smoke Tightness Test Rig

  • Durable, massive construction

    Easy to handle

  • Special system for sealing

  • Grid system for different element sizes

  • Fast, easy mounting

  • Precise measurements results

  • With water circulating system and heating system

  • Low maintenance

  • EC-conform

  • PC-controlled, network connection

  • Size according to customer requirements to implement

Technical Data


KS Smoke Tightness Test Rig

Electrical connection

150 kW

Air connection

 1/4", 6 bar

Test block width

 3.400 m³

Test block height

3.400 mm

Test block depth

80 - 300 mm

External measure width

4.900 mm

External measure height

4.700 mm

External measure depth

 3.500 mm

Remote maintenance 

  Internet access

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