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KS Clamping Bridge Test Rig for windows and doors - professional, comfortable, PC-controlled

At our clamping bridge test rigs we put on a new, innovative structural form: A special clamping system that makes a very quick, safe and user- friendly mounting of test elements possible.

In addition, the clamping bridge test rig scores by the converting of very significant and long-lasting materials like high-quality steel and steel. The KS Test rig in the version clamping bridge offers you a lot advantages at the assembly of the test element. On the one hand is the assembly especially comfortable because the upper test chamber cover can be adjusted easily. It is equipped with pull straps, deflector rolls, counter weights and an electro motor and can be adjusted to the position easily with the cable remote control. The lateral test chamber cover will be put fixed manually and by means of quick clamps that are attached to a lateral movable clamping bridge.

Compared to the usual testing systems the test element doesn´t need to put in separately test frame. It is only necessary a vertical and a horizontal test chamber cover for creating a test room according to standard specifications. The quick clamps provide an optimal blinding of the rest room. It can very quickly seize with help of a screwdriver.

Advantages KS Clamping Bridge Test Rig

  • Easy to handle

  • Durable, solid construction

  • Flexible clamping size

  • Basic construction of massive stainless steel

  • Base plate of stainless steel

  • Solid clamping system

  • Special size realizable

  • Near of test block, none clamping bridge at operating side

  • Electronic deflection sensor*

  • Precise measurement results

  • Low maintenance

  • EC-conform

  • PC controlled

  • Online remote maintenance

  • Size according to customer requirements to implement

Technical Data

  KS 4028 650 PC
Test block width 4.000 mm
PrTest block height  2.800 mm

Test block depth

650 mm

External measure width 5.420 mm
External measure height  3.900 mm

External measure depth

1.620 mm
Other sizes without additional charges possible. 


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