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Secure special hydraulic for millimetre accurate putting down     

KS GK - the powerful one

The hydraulic light construction crane KS GK is used as load crane in the conventional sense. On the other hand it is perfectly suited for verification of large, heavy panes. From an ergonomic point of view it is a valuable support. The construction as “counterweight crane” allows a free outreach ahead the wheels. This is particularly hard to reach areas or in assembly situations that cannot be run, a real advantage, such as storage rack and spurs. At a maximum outreach of 1.350 mm overcomes the KS GK to put a flower bed and it manages to secure the panes to lift up to the window reveal. The static load capacity lays on the KS GK at the best at a bearing load of 500 kg.

The crane arm is manual adjustable in five length positions. The lift height is controlled by a hydraulic hand pump. The putting down of the load can also be adjusted at a rotating wheel, so that a millimetre-accurate location of the pane is possible. The easy construction combined with four ball-bearing solid rubber wheels provides for a good movement of the KS GK and makes a routing in a confined space. Fixing brakes provides on all four wheels the necessary security.


  • Usable in small rooms by compact construction
  • Millimetre accurate putting down possible
  • Secure special hydraulic
  • Quickly folded and ready for transport
  • Fits through every standard door
  • Easy to operate
  • Small turning circle
  • Crane arm adjustable in five length positions
  • High quality and secure by CE-certification

Technische Informationen

KS GK 330
KS GK 500
Bearing load max. 330 kg 500 kg
Bearing load in front of the
wheels max.
250 - 330 kg 250 - 500 kg
Outreach in front of the
wheels max.
1.350 mm 1.350 mm
Lift height 2.670 mm 2.670 mm
Height drive manual manual
Device dimension 800 x 1.650 x 1.800 mm 800 x 1.650 x 1.800 mm
Net weight without counter weights 115 kg 120 kg
Counter weights 13 pcs á 22 kg 26 pcs á 22 kg
Standard equipment Incl. hook, 360° rotating Incl. hook, 360° rotating
Optional equipment

4 suction units hand pumps
KS VacuPower

4 suction units hand pumps
KS VacuPower
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