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KS Underfloor saw: for aluminium and plastic profiles in the window and roller shutter industry and in the industry

Highest accuracy grade, flexibility and efficient capacity among to the requirements that you make to your daily work? Then the KS UFS is right for you. It is specifically thereon constructing to work accurately and to cut width profiles efficiently.

The large high performance saw blade combined with a hydro pneumatic saw blade feed provides a millimetre accurate and a material conserve cut. Due to the large saw blade diameter of 760 mm further rectangular profiles up to a feed size of 210 mm can be processed. At triangular profiles is even a cutting height of approx. 300 mm possible.

Especially the KS UFS has proven during the cut of roller shutter boxes, box set, windows and doors profiles of plastic and aluminium. Also roller shutter discs that are bundled into mats and stacked one above the other, can be bring comfortable with a single saw cut to the size.

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