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SPS control technology for an automated production.

KS AluKap PC Touch: plenty of power

At the beginning of the manufacturing process, the roller shutter profiles will be positioned individually or in mats (3, 4, 5 bundles) on the feeding table. Its automatic magazine accelerates the production process considerably and helps to organize the workplace more effectively. The machine pulls slat by slat and pushes it against the block width that adjusts itself automatically to the previously producing roller shutter measures. After that it follows the cut and then the adjustment of the individual slats with caps.

High performance saw blades with precision drive lengths the profile. Afterwards, every second profile slat will be locked with a plastic cap and secured with stainless steel staples. Optional, we offer instead of staples a punching of the plate for fixation of the caps.

The locked roller shutter is transported by roller supported profile holder. They are in the length and width comfortable adjustable and adapt thereby flexible in every roller shutter measure.

Automatic feeding table (optional) for individual profiles or profile mats
  Fast changing profile heads for processing of various cover widths and cap types
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